The number of blaring ambulance sirens on the road outside my house is increasing every day. News trickling in from every social media, WhatsApp or calls are igniting more despair than hope. The feeling of helplessness can be paralyzing and so can be the feeling of survivor’s guilt if you are one of the fortunate ones.

However, we are a connected collective, and every thought, emotion, a kind word, or act is important. We now need the power of prayer more than ever. More than ever, we need to be there for one another. We need to come to a…


I don't feel anything.
No fear. No concern.
No urge to be
better or worse.

"Are you taking medicines? "
"Can I send you something to eat?"
"Here, have some fruit. "
"Eat more protein. "
"Don't forget to take vapour
and gargle. "
"Let me send you a book
to keep you company. "
"Use my subscription,
this channel has awesome documentaries. "
"Are you feeling better today?"
"Call me if you wish to talk"
"I am here with you, every step of the way. "
"Rest well, don't be in a hurry to heal. "
"Resolve deeper now to quit smoking. "
"Don't forget the…

To become medicine
You must go through pain.
You must feel despair
till it excavates
the fertile ground
of your imagination
and, you discover
how to claim it back
Inch by inch again.

To become magic
You must fall in love
with the mundane.
Your eyes should be
able to perceive
the mysterious
within the ordinary
and get elated.

To become wise
you must be willing
to risk being
absolutely foolish,
losing all defense
till a knowing
that is uniquely you
speak from the depths
of your being.

To become great,
You must be
willing to be simple
and realize…

At the edge of my story, I take tiny, tender-brave steps. Every step takes me into a story that’s larger than the one that has been perpetuating my wounds. Yet, the wounds need to be tended too.

I see parts of me coming alive like a million lavender flowers springing out from a lush green bush, or a glittering star-studded charcoal black sky. I provide myself with the nourishment I needed from my mother. I lead myself, embodying the stewardship I have longed for. …

A Message for the Misfits

Barbie Pagoda Fungus Image: Pinterest.

What does it take to embrace a journey that refuses to fit into any norm? A misfit longs to belong. She nurtures the impossible dream of happier days of getting accepted by the peers and being understood by everyone she holds dear. She chops off parts off her too, trying to fashion herself in accordance with the trends. She creates to-do lists, schedules and routines to match up with the ‘should’s and ‘should not’s of these norms.

May be all these would get me accepted, she thinks. May be, finally I would feel understood. But…

Photo credit : Illiya Vjestica on Unsplash

Blessings to the eyes
that see beauty
among the ruins,
sculpture within the rock,
and in the floating clouds,
a painting.

May you be committed
to the intent that
spurs devotion
within your heart.

May you always have
the courage to come back
to the center of your being,
and touch the pulsating
throb of divinity that
stewards you life-ward.

May you allow entropy
to ground you deeper
in-sync with your
evolutionary impulse.

May your sense of purpose
allow the rigour for adventure
to blossom; they are a team.

May you lean well
into the valley of doubts,
and, climb back…

A flower may pretend to be born, but it has always been there in other forms. Later it may pretend to die, but we should not be fooled. She is just playing a game of hide-and-seek. She reveals herself to us and then hides herself away. If we are attentive, we can touch her anytime we want. - Thich Nhat Hanh

In this universe, no one comes Tabula Rasa, as a clean slate. I too, was decreed my Divine Mother, the Creator and my ancestors to be a scribe. To be able to sit with pen and ink, and to…

Lit up till the brim,
You wave at me
from up above.

I wonder,
Do you call
the dazzling
your own?

The mortal I,
clutch on to my
words so tight.

Teach me the art
of being empty
to be full.

November Moon.

Our desires dream us.
Sacred wishes emerging
from life’s wish
to fulfill itself,
calls out to us
in many forms.

A new day, a blank page,
an empty coffee mug;
every bit of life is
an invitation.

Our lives are canvases
upon which
the greatest artist creates
ephemeral paintings.
Our job is to prime up and be.

Sometimes, we hold the Divine,
Sometimes, the Divine holds us.
I wonder, if this holding
is also beholding.
I am seen and thus, I am.

True seeing calls out to relax
within paradoxes and mysteries.
True seeing calls us to leave the
comfortable blanket…

Dear Wise Woman,
Thank you for being there. I feel a tinge of sadness that I had to dim your light. Your forgotten medicine kept simmering seeking flight.
I have searched for you everywhere. In trees and in the ocean, within the verses from the wise ones, in dreamtime and visions. I had looked for you every where till I acknowledged you are within.
I am having a hard time to acknowledge still. You and me are one.
Dear wise woman, dear seer, I am sorry for the times I did not listen to you speaking in a calm, self-assured…

Debasmita Chatterjee

Soulchemist. Scribe In Service to the Divine Feminine. Consciously Evolving. Healing. Embodying Shakti. Sharing Stories, Poems, Wisdom and Dreams.

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