A Letter to the Wise Witch

Dear Wise Woman, 
Thank you for being there. I feel a tinge of sadness that I had to dim your light. Your forgotten medicine kept simmering seeking flight. 
I have searched for you everywhere. In trees and in the ocean, within the verses from the wise ones, in dreamtime and visions. I had looked for you every where till I acknowledged you are within. 
I am having a hard time to acknowledge still. You and me are one. 
Dear wise woman, dear seer, I am sorry for the times I did not listen to you speaking in a calm, self-assured voice. I guess, I was consumed by chaos. I identified with my brokenness more than the inherent wholeness waiting to be claimed. 
But now, I am here. Re-energizing that dormant faith. I am here now listening deeper through moon rhythms and the patterns of my body. I am listening closely. Your potent medicine lies in me. I have misused it for years till I could see. The impact of my harmful behaviours also tells me the power in my intentional enquiries. You have been in me all along. 
Speak now as I am ready to listen. Guide me as I walk, one foot in front of the other in this unknown journey. 
Come alive now and teach me. How do I re-member your medicine?

Yours Lovingly,