Our desires dream us.
Sacred wishes emerging
from life’s wish
to fulfill itself,
calls out to us
in many forms.

A new day, a blank page,
an empty coffee mug;
every bit of life is
an invitation.

Our lives are canvases
upon which
the greatest artist creates
ephemeral paintings.
Our job is to prime up and be.

Sometimes, we hold the Divine,
Sometimes, the Divine holds us.
I wonder, if this holding
is also beholding.
I am seen and thus, I am.

True seeing calls out to relax
within paradoxes and mysteries.
True seeing calls us to leave the
comfortable blanket of
forced meaning making.
True seeing calls us to
let wind touch our skin
and create unnamed miracles
in dark crevices of our being.

We see the wind, and
the wind sees us.
We see with our bodies.
The pores on our skin
sees the world as it is.

Our wise bodies
are not bound by
the controlling games
of inner patriarchy.
Our wise bodies are free
from the anticipation
of future.
Our wise bodies are situated
in their divine nature
within the now.

Expanding in pleasure,
contracting in pain.
The simplicity of
Divine beholding,
eternally dancing
within the complications
between polar extremes.

Paradoxes are probably
daunting for the mind.
For the wise body,
paradoxes are poetries.
It is constantly engaging
with the beauty within
the mundane.

Blossoming life-ward,
our desires dream us;
desires that fulfill
life’s longing for itself.