Shh… Listen, do you hear the sound of prayers?

The number of blaring ambulance sirens on the road outside my house is increasing every day. News trickling in from every social media, WhatsApp or calls are igniting more despair than hope. The feeling of helplessness can be paralyzing and so can be the feeling of survivor’s guilt if you are one of the fortunate ones.

However, we are a connected collective, and every thought, emotion, a kind word, or act is important. We now need the power of prayer more than ever. More than ever, we need to be there for one another. We need to come to a space of collective balance, wholeness, and rejuvenation. Like a ripple on a lake, it can start with you.

Rather than praying from a space of fear, anxiety, and helplessness, here is a method, that will allow you to create harmony within yourself, trigger healing and regulation in your body, and then radiate it out.

I recently learned from a documentary by Gregg Braden that the heart has 50,000 neurons with their separate intelligence. In addition to that, the electromagnetic field of the heart is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain and permeates every cell in the body. The magnetic component is approximately 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field and can be detected several feet away from the body with sensitive magnetometers.

The heart can also create a level of coherence in the body just through its rhythm, which regulates all its systems, and corrects even diseased cells.

From Greg Braden’s documentary on Gaia TV

In the following process, adapted from the one given in the documentary, we would tap into the nourishing heart energy and its powerful magnetic field, use techniques of creative visualization, affirmative prayer, and the power of intent. I call it Praying with the heart’s energy.

Let’s go!

· Posture: Sit upright, close your eyes and go within. Bring your awareness to your spine. Bring your attention to your entire body. Intend to gather all your scattered energies from everywhere. Focus on the sensations in your body.

· Become Aware of Your Heart: This sends a signal to the heart that you seek its intelligence. You can keep a hand over your heart and also hold the Anjali mudra/hand gesture of namaskar to bring your awareness fully into the heart space

· Slow your Breathing: Deep breathing quiets the brain and informs your nervous system that you are safe. Count slowly up to five while breathing in and breathe out while counting five. Continue for some time.

· Conjure a sense of gratitude, faith, devotion, compassion, or love: These emotions trigger an activation of the heart’s energy. Bring up memories or imagine situations that let you feel these feelings. Continue for around 3 minutes or more. You can visualize your heart lighting up on all sides.

· Pray with your heart energy: Say specific prayers, hold an intention, or chant a mantra. Visualize or intend your heart energy radiating and fulfilling your prayer. Pray affirmatively and feel gratitude for the fulfilled prayer.

You can also listen in for any guidance that your wise heart has to share and it might surprise you with incredibly clear insights. I hope this process benefits you and brings deep healing.

This situation, however chaotic it might be, calls for us to take responsibility.

Play your part. Share your resources. Do whatever you can, in whatever way. If you feel called to, join me in your hearts and be a prayer warrior.

Your vision for a healthier world, begins within you.

See. Claim. Feel. Radiate.