I don't feel anything.
No fear. No concern.
No urge to be
better or worse.

"Are you taking medicines? "
"Can I send you something to eat?"
"Here, have some fruit. "
"Eat more protein. "
"Don't forget to take vapour
and gargle. "
"Let me send you a book
to keep you company. "
"Use my subscription,
this channel has awesome documentaries. "
"Are you feeling better today?"
"Call me if you wish to talk"
"I am here with you, every step of the way. "
"Rest well, don't be in a hurry to heal. "
"Resolve deeper now to quit smoking. "
"Don't forget the vitamins."
"Focus fully on building immunity"
"I'll tell you one hidden gift -
your body will be full of new stories"

Surprised at the
unconditional love
and care that's pouring in,
I see an enquiry brewing.
Who am I
when I have got nothing
to give?

"Gold, pure gold",
whispers my beloved elder.
Her wise eyes
piercing through me.

I look at my hands.
Flesh and blood -
my skin bearing marks of
31 winters of negligence.

I don't see why
I should care for myself.
I don't feel any love for me.

"You are an idiot",
laughs a friend.
"Sorry, I am not discounting
your feelings,
but I am discounting
your feelings".

" You don't know
how much you give
but it's okay, sometimes
childhood trauma makes us
believe certain things",
reassures a man who loves me.

"Don't allow depression
to pull you down.
Your body is a gift
from source,
you know that,
don't you?",
texts my best friend -
taken aback
at my declarations,
yet, ready to wait
for me to feel why
my life is worthy.

I tap on my frozen heart
and pray.
Dear Lord, give me
the vision to see
who I am,
the courage to be
the one I should be.
There is no vigour
left in me for life.
I am surrounded with love,
I can see but I cannot feel it.
Soften my heart.
Let me trade this numbness
for ecstasy.

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