To become medicine
You must go through pain.
You must feel despair
till it excavates
the fertile ground
of your imagination
and, you discover
how to claim it back
Inch by inch again.

To become magic
You must fall in love
with the mundane.
Your eyes should be
able to perceive
the mysterious
within the ordinary
and get elated.

To become wise
you must be willing
to risk being
absolutely foolish,
losing all defense
till a knowing
that is uniquely you
speak from the depths
of your being.

To become great,
You must be
willing to be simple
and realize, that
simplicity resides
in the heart of
complex things;
And, it's a great task
to uncomplicate Your life
than continuing to
habitually accumulate.

To become beautiful,
You must be willing to see
ugliness in its eye,
and find the way
life has placed beauty
within the darkest of things.

To become original,
you must be willing
to be empty and, alert,
responding spontaneously
to the life that moves
through you
and, around you.

To be spontaneous,
you must be very
still and aware.
Engage with the forces
that call out to you with love.
They will nourish you.

To become medicine
Choose Beauty.
To see Beauty,
Choose to Love.
To love fully,
Hold paradoxes,
in the cusp of your hands.
Meet your courage
with courage
and, walk.
Let your way
show you the way.

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