A pulse, a throb,
flowers bloom.
She takes her seat,
she claims her room.

Dancing fiercely,
she calls them home.
Oh! Broken parts of me
don't you now roam.

Her sword is sharp,
she cuts the cords
with her fierce swipe,
Veils come undone.

Her dance is chaos,
It's Rhythm Divine.
Pulsating space
Held by time.

She whispers her secret
to a chosen few.
Within the mud of despair,
Sacred lotus grew.

With a pulse and a throb,
she takes her seat.
Dreaming her Universe,
Aparajita, the unvanquished.

Soulchemist. Scribe In Service to the Divine Feminine. Consciously Evolving. Healing. Embodying Shakti. Sharing Stories, Poems, Wisdom and Dreams.

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