Wherever You are, That’s The Right Place

A Message for the Misfits

Barbie Pagoda Fungus Image: Pinterest.

What does it take to embrace a journey that refuses to fit into any norm? A misfit longs to belong. She nurtures the impossible dream of happier days of getting accepted by the peers and being understood by everyone she holds dear. She chops off parts off her too, trying to fashion herself in accordance with the trends. She creates to-do lists, schedules and routines to match up with the ‘should’s and ‘should not’s of these norms.

May be all these would get me accepted, she thinks. May be, finally I would feel understood. But more she lurks away from her soul, the louder her inner voice gets. She gets torn between the courage handed down to her from the deep dark trenches of her soul and the heartache of becoming someone who is like no one else. It’s excruciatingly scary to see her becoming doesn’t match any external reference.

But she knows in her bones, no validation and appreciation from external world would satiate her hungry senses.

She is claiming herself now, with shaky steps and the voice that’s only hers to express, she is slowly getting anchored in confidence. She is accessing her gifts from her body’s knowing. Her talent and skills flow from lifetimes of practicing the potential that her soul contains. More she turned around and faced her soul, more she could feel how deeply she belongs in the larger scheme of things.

Her acceptance of herself is growing like a creeper. One tiny sliver of green at a time. The resistance to life is melting away with every breath. Every night, when she sleeps now, she goes into a deep communion with her soul. Her cells are shedding years of exhaustion of staying away.

It’s okay to have a life that doesn’t fit into any boxes. It’s okay to have a life that doesn’t make any sense to the eyes that want to drag you into those boxes. It’s, in fact, refreshing and perhaps, revolutionary to commit to embody your unique truth, no matter what it takes. And it’s absolutely fine to make mistakes.

So much life force gets drained when we resist the life that wants to course through our veins. Yet, after shedding layers and layers of conditioning and outdated heady garbage, you see, life is nothing short of a miracle.

You are always held and guided no matter how outlandish you feel. The divinity that makes us human, sustains us despite all our attempt at sly resistance. Only when you turn towards your soul and sit within the unquenchable thirst and hunger of being who you are and burn up everything that doesn’t fit, in that fire, you will drink deeply from the nectar oozing from the fountain of life that is within you. You don’t really need external validations, or acceptance.

No one loves you as intimately your soul does. Your path is charted by the supreme intelligence. Some day, at some point, after going through the daze of confusion, it will all make sense. Keep going till you can’t join the dots. Life happens, one breath at a time. Breathe well, deeply and fully. Bloom wherever you are planted.

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